Roasted Chickpeas

Ever in the mood for something Salty with a crunch?

Are those potato chips in the cupboard calling out your name?

RESIST for 20 minutes and make a batch of these:

I made mine with the leftover chickpeas from when I made hummus last weekend.

If you use canned chickpeas, make sure to rinse thoroughly.

These are crazy good- the crunch and flavor reminds me of corn nuts only ten times better for you!

Try them, you won’t be sorry!


I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t exactly pumped for my workout yesterday.

I’ve been lifting heavy and doing a 3 days split and basically I’m sore all over.

Despite being tired and sore, I drove across the street and got my workout on. (Yes, I work across the street from my gym🙂 )

Back and Triceps (I would have done Back and Bi’s but my biceps were STILL sore from Sunday)

Wide Grip Pull Downs behind the head

Seated Cable Rows

Bent Over Rows

Incline Dumbbell Reverse Flys

Hammer Strength Incline Row

Rope Pulldowns

Skull Crushers superset with

Close Grip Bench

Overhead Dumbbell Extensions

As usuall, when I don’t fell like working out but make myself go, I NEVER regret it.

This quote is so true!


Hold yourself accountable for making it to the gym even when it has been one of those days!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Whitney Hansen
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 13:36:13

    Tried and true! These were yummy!


  2. funfreshfit
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 03:55:43

    YUMMMMM trying these!!


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